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Course Offerings

Corning Christian Academy provides a robust secondary course offering. Classes range from Bible, Literature, Chemistry, Algebra Two/Trigonometry and more. Additionally, students are offered extracurricular opportunities in technology and art, including yearbook participation and technology club.


All students are required to take a Bible course each year during their high school career.

English Language Arts

Secondary students are offered courses in English Language Arts including Grammar, Composition, Literature, Spelling/Vocabulary


Students are offered classes in Global History, Government, Economics, U.S. History and Contemporary Issues to fulfill their history requirements.


Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry are all required courses for all students to take prior to graduation.  Physics is also offered.


Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus are offered for all secondary students.


Students are required to take Spanish as their foreign language requirement while attending CCA.

Physical Education

Physical Education is a required course for all secondary students, including throughout high school.


CCA offers a number of electives to secondary and high school students, including computer technology, art, yearbook, and music.

Our students have the opportunity to take ACE course and Accelerated Senior Year courses through Corning Community College.

Advanced Classes

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