Corning Christian Academy offers both girls' and boys' soccer teams. The soccer season starts in mid-August with preseason games and practices, with the season closing by November.

Students joining the soccer team will experience first hand the importance and benefits of working on a team. Additionally, our coaches strive to incorporate and teach Christian principles throughout practices and games.

Our school also welcomes homeschoolers who are looking to play a sport to join our team. 

Meet the Girls' Coaches
Mr. Brent Underwood and Mr. Andrew Hughson
Meet the Boys' Coach
11.  Maren Benjamin                        
2.    Maredith Hughson                        
3.    Elizabeth Sutherland    (HS)                    
4.    Tessa Underwood            
5.    Lily Hancock (HS)                    
6.    Julia Hancock (HS)                                     
7.    Allegra McBrearty (HS)                    
8.    Waverly McBrearty (HS)                
9.   Lia Mazzali                
10.     Payton Thomas                   
11.    Adeline Wickham                    

Girls' Record
Overall: 2-5-3
Boys' Record
Come back this fall for game records!
2021 All Stars
All-Stars for the Fall 2021 season:
Allegra McBrearty
Lily Hancock
Tessa Underwood
Lia Mazzali
2021 All League
All-League for the Fall 2021 season:
Lia Mazzali