Corning Christian Academy offers both girl's and boy's basketball teams. The basketball season starts in mid-November with preseason games and practices, with the season closing by February.

Students joining the basketball team will experience first hand the importance and benefits of working on a team. Additionally, our coaches strive to incorporate and teach Christian principles throughout practices and games.

Our school also welcomes homeschoolers who are looking to play a sport to join our team. 

Meet the Girl's Coach
Girl's Head Coach
Meet the Boy's Coach
Mr. Steve Polzella
Boy's Head Coach

2021-2022 Boy's Team

1.    Aiden Loucks                             

2.    Brennan Nordman

3.    Grant Thomas 

4.    Hunter Tyler

5.    Ian Hughson     

6.    Noah Baggerly

7.    Dylin weimer

8.    Erik Palombo

9.    Evan Snyder

10.    Bryce Hammond

11.    J.P. Sierzant

12.    Issac Anderson

13.    Abi Lingala

2021-2022 Girl's Team

1.    Maren Benjamin                                        

2.    Elizabeth Sutherland    (HS)              

3.    Tessa Underwood                                

4.    Lily Hancock (HS)                                    

5.    Allegra McBrearty (HS)                        

6.    Waverly McBrearty (HS)                                

7.     Payton Jamison                            

8.    Lily Jamison    

Boy's Record

League: 0-6

Overall: 1-8

Girl's Record

League : 2-6

Overall : 3-6

2021-2022 All Stars
All Stars selected for the 2019-2020 Soccer Season

All- Stars


Aiden Loucks

Grant Thomas


Lily Hancock

Tessa Underwood

Allegra Mcbrearty (Honorable Mention)

2021-2022 All League
All League players selected for the 2019-2020 Basketball Season

Please check after the season for the 2021-2022 All League players!