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Corning Christian Academy offers both girls and boys basketball teams. The basketball season starts in mid-November with preseason games and practices, with the season closing by February.

Students joining the basketball team will experience first hand the importance and benefits of working on a team. Additionally, our coaches strive to incorporate and teach Christian principles throughout practices and games.

Our school also welcomes homeschoolers who are looking to play a sport to join our team. 

Women's Coaches
Meet the Coach
Men's Coaches
Mr. Steve Polzella
Boys'  and Girls' Head Coach

2022-2023 Boys' Team
2022-2023 Girls' Team
Boys' Record

League: 0-6

Overall: 1-8

Girls' Record

League : 2-6

Overall : 3-6

Game Results
2022-2023 All-Stars
All-Stars selected for the 2022-2023 Basketball Season

All- Stars


Tyrus Peters

Andrew Welch

Alternate: Grant Thomas


Lily Hancock

2022-2023 All-League
All-League players selected for the 2022-2023 Basketball Season

2022-2023 All-League:

Tyrus Peters

Soccer Honos
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